Social that's SOOOO much better! The way it should be!

We are built on decentralized blockchain technology which means we do some really cool things like:

-No minimum followers

-No minimum views or posts

-EARN on Day #1 from Like #1!


Community Driven Content

Likes act like virtual votes. More votes denote the best content…and the best content wins the most $BUZZ!

<strong>Community Judged Content</strong>

Community Judged Content

The community judges what “questionable” content shows or goes (of course, illegal content is an absolute no-no).

Everyone Earns Together

The community shares profits with all users on the network. For the first time ever, both users & followers earn simultaneously.

Jenny from the Block(chain)

Posts can’t be deleted so beware of when you’re heated. Say what you mean & mean what you say cuz it's there to stay. RIP trolls

Here's a sneak peak

Our goal is to make rebuzz as user friendly as possible


The Team

Lorena Valencia

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Lorena is a technologist and seasoned business executive with a proven track record in building successful businesses.

Michelle Ruttle

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle has 20 years of experience in financial management & reporting, compliance, & financial modeling for private entities.

Adam Barlam

Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Adam is an experienced technology entrepreneur and architect with a passion for Linux and open source software.

Christina Howell

Chief Marketing Officer

Christina is a marketing whiz with 15 years experience in marketing and building diverse communities for a Fortune 500.

Maro Valencia

VP Customer Support

Maro has over 20 years experience in the customer service industry & always has the best interest for the customer in mind.

Tania Tare

Chief Influencing Officer / Co-Founder

Tania is a professional golfer and trick shot master who loves to tackle challenges both on and off the green.

Nick Robles

Chief Experience Officer

Nick has a skill for quickly identifying, developing, and launching new products, brands, and services for organizations.


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